Support Hanford Football!

THE HANFORD HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM is conducting our Falcon Challenge to generate additional support for our program.  Our team members spend many hours in strength, agility and skill development as we prepare for the competitive season.   We believe the dedication and hard work by our players and staff both on and off the field will lead us to a successful 2018 season.
The expenses for maintaining a quality football program are considerable.  Your sponsorship will benefit all players by helping to offset costs for player equipment, field training equipment, sleds, dummies, video equipment used as a teaching tool and to assist players in college recruiting, as well as other supplemental items for our program.  

Please join us in helping to fulfill the goals and dreams of our student-athletes as we participate in an exciting season.  Thank you for supporting the Hanford Falcon football program.  Your support makes a BIG difference!